Caregiving Spouses Often Don’t Seek Help

There are more than 42 million unpaid family caregivers in the United States, including spouses, adult children, and others. A recent report, issued by the United Hospital Fund and the AARP Public Policy Institute, focuses on spousal caregivers. The report reveals how spousal caregivers desire to take care of ALL of a spouse’s needs, and are less likely to seek help when it comes to medical tasks such as wound care, medication management, and more.

Report findings include:

  • 84% of spousal care recipients receive no in-home support from health care professionals, compared with 65% of non-spousal care recipients.
  • 58% of the spouses reported no additional help from family, friends, or home care aides, compared with 20% of non-spouses.
  • Spouses who are caregivers are on average a decade older than non-spousal caregivers (median age 64 vs. 54.)
  • Additional research needs to be done to help tailor interventions that support but do not supplant the primary bond between spouses.

The report says it is unclear why spouses receive less help, hypothesizing that it could be choice, lack of awareness about resources, financial limitations, or fear of losing independence.
“As a former spousal caregiver, I certainly understand the desire to take care of all of a spouse’s needs,” said coauthor Carol Levine, director of the Families and Health Care Project for the United Hospital Fund. “But the care that is needed and the responsibilities thrust upon family caregivers by our health care system — typically, without adequate support — are more than any family caregiver, particularly an older spouse, can handle alone.”
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