Rest in Peace, Sweety


A year ago, Jeannie and I adopted a cat, Sweety, from one of our clients who passed away, and whose family was unable to care for her. This is just one of the many ways in which we sometimes are able to help our clients.

Sadly, our beloved Sweety just died last week of heart failure. We miss her dearly but know that she is in a better place.

Have you lost a pet? Below are some tips from someone who has been through it:

Be honest about your feelings. Don’t deny your pain, or your feelings of anger and guilt. Only by examining and coming to terms with your feelings can you begin to work through them.
You have a right to feel pain inside. A member of your family has died, and you may feel alone and bereaved. You have a right to feel anger and guilt, as well.
Locking away grief doesn’t make it go away. Express it. Cry, scream, talk it out. Do what helps you the most.
Don’t try to avoid grief by not thinking about your pet. Instead, reminisce about the good times. This will help you understand what your pet’s loss actually means to you.

Some find it helpful to express their feelings and memories in poems, stories, or letters to the pet. Other strategies can include preparing a memorial, such as a photo collage, and talking to others about your loss.

If you have recently lost a loved one, whether a person or pet, please be sure to check out these Resources and Links on our web site intended to help after the death of a loved one.

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About Renee Eder

Renee Eder is the Director of Public Relations for the Farr Law Firm, and gives the voice to the Critters of Critter Corner. Renee’s poodle, Penny, is an official comfort dog who she and her children bring to visit with seniors who are in the early stages of dementia at a local senior home once a month.

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