Critter Corner: Sharing Stories about Mom

Dear Ribbit,

My mother is a fascinating woman. She grew up in five different countries, traveled the world, held many jobs, had six children, and was an amazing cook. She told me so many stories about her childhood and her life. I would like to write them down and share them, so our family knows all about her, since she now has dementia, and doesn’t remember much about herself. What is the best way to do so?

Sharon Abbott-Herr

Dear Sharon,

Your mom sounds like an amazing person. It is important that you keep her memories alive to share with future generations. And, now there is a great way to do that, and in honor of Mother’s Day, they are having a challenge calling for stories about mothers.

Legacy Stories’ Mother’s Day Story Challenge encourages adult children to tell a story about something that reminds them of their mothers. To enter, users are asked to record a story about their mother and to add it to their legacy story portfolio. If you decide to enter, remember to select ‘Public’ for your audience.

Legacy Stories will randomly choose 10 stories to feature on their website and share in our social media universe. Winners will also receive a Legacy Stories Handbook. Get Started by logging into

Not on Legacy Stories? Farr Law Firm Clients Can Join for Free!

At the Farr Law Firm, we offer you a way to easily capture and pass on your family legacy stories . . . and best of all, we are offering this as a gift to all of our clients, whether you’re a current client, a past client, or even a future client!  Estate planning has always been about passing on a financial legacy. At the Farr Law Firm, we believe that for many clients, passing on a personal historical legacy is of equal if not greater importance than leaving a financial legacy.

Read more about the Living Legacy Project and Legacy Stories, and find out how you can get started here.

If you’re already on Legacy Stories, be sure to enter your mom’s stories to create a lasting legacy of her stories and your memories, and enter the Mother’s Day Story Challenge, if you like!

Hoppy Mother’s Day to your mom, and all moms out there!


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