Critter Corner: Is There a Check-in Service Specifically for Veterans?

kiwi mangoDear Kiwi and Mango,

Recently, Mr. Farr wrote an article about a check-in service for seniors to combat loneliness and keep those who are aging in place safe. I was wondering if there are any similar programs specifically for Veterans.

Thanks for your help!

Buddy Chequer

Dear Buddy,

You are correct. Mr. Farr recently published an article about services designed to check on loved ones every day or as often as desired. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) does have a similar program, called Veteran Buddy Check, especially for Veterans.

In support of the STRONG Veterans Act of 2022, the VA established the national Veteran Buddy Check program to encourage peer-to-peer connections among Veterans and their families, reduce isolation, support peers in crisis, offer connections to care, improve mental health, and increase access to VA resources. And it’s not just for Veterans, as Veterans’ family members, caregivers, and survivors are also encouraged to participate.

How the Veteran Buddy Check Helps Veterans

A simple conversation can go a long way. Keeping up with social ties can be as simple as calling on the phone, emailing, texting, or making time for a visit. Anyone can participate by checking in and providing a listening ear to the Veterans in their life. “No one can replace the bonds between veterans who served together,” said Deputy Secretary of Veterans Affairs Tanya Bradsher.

Veterans already know the camaraderie of military life. Why not continue that tradition all year round through regular buddy checks?

How Do I Organize a Buddy Check?

All veterans are encouraged to take the pledge to talk to 10 fellow Veterans, their families, caregivers, and survivors. The following is how you can organize a Buddy Check among Veterans that you know:

  1. Make a list of Veterans you know. Get others involved in making calls or visits.
  2. Start making connections to see how Veterans, caregivers, family members, etc. are doing. Ask if they need anything, and perhaps invite them to an event or activity.
  3. Make sure you thank the member or former member in the beginning and at the end of your call.

For more details, access valuable Buddy Check resources including training modules and the Buddy Check Outreach Kit, and subscribe to Buddy Check emails to receive additional tools to support your Buddy Checks.

Hope this is helpful!
Kiwi and Mango


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