Critter Corner: How to Find Unclaimed Inheritance from Deceased Relatives

Dear Oakley,

I was told of the possibility that there could be some unclaimed inheritance that my father may have meant to leave to my sister and me. Where are some places I can look to see if this is the case? Thanks for your help!

Ware Issit

Dear Ware,

Unclaimed inheritance from deceased relatives can include things such as bank accounts, real estate, insurance policies, retirement plans, investment accounts, and other assets.

Once you have a list of possible assets to track down, you can start looking for them. Fortunately, there are a number of websites and online tools that make this part of the process easier. Some of the places you can look online for unclaimed inheritance include:

To look for unclaimed money from deceased relatives offline, you can check with your state’s office of the treasurer.

Virginia Office of the Treasury:
Maryland Office of the Treasury:

Your state may have a specific division set up just for unclaimed assets that can help you find assets you may be entitled to receive. You can also check local and state property tax records for vehicles, land, or homes that your deceased relative may have owned. This could point you in the right direction for making a claim if you believe you’re entitled to inherit.

For additional details on locating unclaimed inheritance, read this helpful article from Consumer Reports.

Hope this helps!


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