Critter Corner: Cold-Weather Tips

Brrrr! How about that cold snap that we Virginians had this week? It’s Chancellor here, reminding you to suit up your pups before you head out into the blustery weather. While some heavily furred dogs are well-suited to the cold weather, other short-haired or small breed dogs might suffer a bit more. If your dogs are outdoor dogs, make sure that they have a warm place to escape the elements such as a dog house or Igloo with a blanket or a heating pad on the ground. Check frequently that their drinking water hasn’t frozen over too–dehydration is just as much of a concern in the winter as in the summer!

Indoor puppies will be fine, of course, unless you’re a daily walker or jogger. In that case, consider investing in a functional, high quality doggie sweater or coat to keep Spot warm. It might take some searching (many of the sweaters on the market are meant for decorative purposes only, constructed of cheap materials and light fabrics) but in the end, it’s worth it.  If you have an older dog, be extra-aware of potential slip-and-falls on icy patches. Just like humans, older dogs have slower reflexes and more brittle bones, and can be seriously injured in the wintertime.

Stay warm, folks!

Chancellor, as his name suggests, is a dignified West Highland White Terrier (a “Westie”) and is the beloved pet of Evan Farr. Chancellor provides the primary entertainment at the Firm with his daily antics of “Crazy Dog”: running wildly up and down the hall, begging someone to stop drafting documents for a moment a play tag with him, and eventually collapsing in a heap under Evan’s desk for a well-earned nap. He does his due duty by protecting the Firm from the mailman, but is really just a soft, cuddly, smiley little furball. Chancellor, along with our office kitty Sporty Sport, the resident lizard Tiger Lilly and our chirper Gidget will be a regular contributor to our “Critter Corner!”

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About Renee Eder

Renee Eder is the Director of Public Relations for the Farr Law Firm, and gives the voice to the Critters of Critter Corner. Renee’s poodle, Penny, is an official comfort dog who she and her children bring to visit with seniors who are in the early stages of dementia at a local senior home once a month.

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