Critter Corner: Are You Celebrating Life This January?

Dear Raider,

As we embark on the first few weeks of the New Year, I decided that 2023 will be my year to make a change and add more positivity and gratitude to my life. I heard that January was Celebration of Life Month. What are some ways that you recommend I celebrate this month and show gratitude and appreciation for those that mean the most to me?

Greta Tood

Dear Greta,

Thanks for your question! Every January, we celebrate life and how precious it is during Celebration of Life Month. Formerly called National Sanctity of Human Life Day, it was proclaimed by Ronald Regan in January 1984 as a way to honor the importance of human life in all its stages. Not only is January Celebration of Life month, this Monday, January 22nd, is Celebration of Life Day and has come to symbolize all that’s wonderful about being alive.

How to Celebrate Life this Month

Celebration of Life month is a reminder to sit back and take note of and appreciate what you have and the people in your life. It’s a time to reflect, feel gratitude, and express appreciation.

Here are some ways to make the best of this meaningful month:

Take a Mental Health Day!

Whether you are still working or are retired, you owe it to yourself to take some time off, reflect on the past year, and get ready for what’s ahead. Use Celebration of Life Day to do just that!

Some of the things you can do to get ready for the year ahead include writing down the things you want to accomplish this year, getting organized, or gearing up to start a new healthy habit such as walking or beautifying your yard. Perhaps, your ideal mental health day consists of staying in bed bingeing your favorite Netflix series. There’s no right or wrong way to celebrate your life!

Start a New Hobby

This Celebration of Life Day, take the steps to start a new hobby that gives you a chance to relax and an outlet to express yourself. Think of all the interesting things you wish you could do but haven’t. Make this your year to actually do it. Whether it’s learning how to cook new foods, taking art classes, playing Scrabble or Mah Jongg with friends, or starting a book club — whatever sparks your joy, do more of that!

Get Together with Friends and Family

A huge part of celebrating life includes celebrating your support system and all the people that mean something to you. Use Celebration of Life Month as an excuse to get together with loved ones. Take a little extra time to deepen those connections and show your appreciation for each person that you care about.

Whether it’s a simple lunch date, a week away with friends, or simply a phone call, email, or text message to let them know that you’re thinking of them — share your Celebration of Life Month with those who make positive contributions to your life. Express your gratitude for the support and friendship they add to your life.

Stay Young

We’re only as young as we feel! On this year’s Celebration of Life Day and throughout the month, give yourself permission to play, explore, be silly, and see the world with the curiosity and wonder of a child’s eyes. Take a break from grown-up responsibilities such as paying bills or watching the news and read some funny stories, memes, or jokes, or play a board game with a loved one. Approaching life with a playful attitude can help keep you young and happy!

As we are beginning 2023, try to make celebrating life a habit this year. Set apart a little extra time each day to practice gratitude and take note of all the reasons you have to celebrate your life. For more details on the positive effects of gratitude, please read Mr. Farr’s recent article on the subject! There are so many reasons to be grateful, and so many health benefits, as well!

Cheers to you this month and this year!


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