Critter Corner: A New Docubank Feature — My Medical Snapshot

Dear Bebe,

I carry around my DocuBank Card, and love the peace of mind of having it in my wallet. I have one concern, however. What if I was too incapacitated and in the emergency room. How would doctors know about my medical history, including the specialists I go to and the medications I take? Hopefully, there is an easy way to convey this information if I’m in the position that I can’t. Thanks again to your office for offering the DocuBank service to clients.

Howard Theyno


Dear Howard,

Thank you for inquiring about this. I agree that its a great idea, and it seems that DocuBank does too!

As a client of our firm, you received a DocuBank Emergency Card when you completed your 4-Needs™ Advance Medical Directive as part of your incapacity planning. With the card, doctors can access your 4-Needs™ Advance Medical Directive wishes that has 4 parts (your Medical Power of Attorney, your Long-term Care Directive, you Near-death Directive, and After-death Directive).

Now, DocuBank has added a new feature to the card called My MEDICAL SNAPSHOT. You can now share access to your “medical story” with ERs, hospitals, and doctors when they ask for it (and they will). The critical medical information you can share includes all past surgeries and hospitalizations, medical conditions and history, allergies, family history and a full list of specialists, in addition to the medication list that has already been available.

It seems clear that the more medical information doctors have about us, the better the care we have an opportunity to receive. This new My MEDICAL SNAPSHOT tool is especially helpful for the many of us (and our family members!) who find it challenging to remember our entire medical story.

Our Lifetime Protection Program at the Farr Law Firm includes free Docubank Renewal. If you agreed to allow us to include your Advance Medical Directive in the DocuBank electronic registry when you first signed your incapacity planning documents, then we will pay your inital DocuBank enrollment fee. And so long as you remain a member of the Farr Law Firm’s Lifetime Protection Plan, then we will continue to renew your Docubank enrollment. This ensures that doctors and hospitals will be able to immediately download your most recent Advance Medical Directive (and your important medical information) in an emergency, and now your complete medical story, as well. Learn more here. If you currently renew your own DocuBank, please contact them at (866) DOCUBANK and ask to upgrade to the “Complete Package.”

Hope this is helpful,

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