Survey Shows Some Nursing Homes May Bill For Services Not Provided

A recent Washington Post article concludes that many nursing homes have been “up-coding” billing for care of residents for years, meaning that some nursing homes sometimes bill a resident more than they should be billed by using a … [Read more...]

Health Reform: Changes in Store for the Elderly

After a year of legislative wrangling and premature forecasts of death, historic legislation overhauling the nation's health insurance system passed the Congress and has been signed into law by President Obama.  Among some of the … [Read more...]

New Medical Conditions — Including Early-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease — Now Qualify for Automatic Disability Benefits

Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits are paid to individuals who, after having worked for many years, develop a disabling condition, prior to their normal retirement age, that is so severe that they are no longer able to … [Read more...]

Myths about Obama’s Health Plan

Lots of clients have been asking my opinion on Obama's new health care reform plan.I'm not at all a political pundit, and I have not read the entire Bill, but I have seen and heard what appears to be a great deal of … [Read more...]

Planning for Long-Term Care (Part 3)

In Part 1 of this series I outlined the necessity to create a good Long Term Care Plan and in Part 2 I discussed the three most essential documents found in that plan.The first essential document is a General Power of Attorney … [Read more...]

New Law Will Slash Medicare Copayments

An overlooked portion of recent Medicare legislation promises Medicare recipients greater access to mental health benefits. Both houses of Congress passed the new law, known as the Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers … [Read more...]

Aging is Not a Disease

It is natural that health care providers such as doctors, pharmacists and nurses will have the same attitude towards aging as other Americans. Without proper geriatric care training, these people can fall into the same trap of … [Read more...]

Medicare’s Web Site and Rx Drug Plan Finder Improved

Last year, many people enrolling in Medicare Part D (Prescription Drug Coverage) found Medicare's Website difficult to use. Medicare recently updated its Web site, allowing greater comparisons of cost, coverage and participating … [Read more...]

The Benefits of Hospice Care

It is unfortunate that many people who die in a hospital emergency room or who receive heroic treatments to prolong life in a hospital or nursing home may have had the alternative of dying at home in familiar surroundings, with … [Read more...]

Medicare Premiums May Increase By Record Amount

Medicare Part B premiums are forecast to increase by $15.90 in 2008, the largest single-year hike in the history of the program, according to a new analysis by the Senior Citizens League. The 17 percent increase would bring the … [Read more...]

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