New Law Vastly Improves Transparency in Doctor-Caregiver Communication

Q. I regularly accompany my wife, Liz, to her neurology and primary care appointments for her dementia care. Doctors, nurses, and medical assistants often rush in and out, rarely spending time or making eye contact with us. … [Read more...]

Is it a Violation of HIPAA to Ask Someone if they’ve Been Vaccinated?

Josie shared on social media that she and her teenage son and daughter just got vaccinated against COVID-19. In a conversation at the school, Mary shared that she saw Josie’s post and that the three of them got their first dose. … [Read more...]

Critter Corner: Is HIPAA Keeping Pace with Technology?

Dear Angel, There is so much technology available these days where you share health information. Things such as wearable fitness trackers, social media sites, and health apps did not exist when Congress enacted the Health … [Read more...]

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