Breathing Exercises Help Lower Blood Pressure and Improve Heart Health

Theresa Hernandez, 61, has a family history of high blood pressure. Doctors recommended that she take medications to lower her blood pressure, which was considered high. She participated in a six-week trial that consisted of … [Read more...]

Is Tai Chi for Me?

Dear Ernie and Jannette, My neighbor, Harry, is 80 years old and has gotten really into Tai Chi. He says it helps him stay fit, maintain balance, and avoid falls. I am 77, have arthritis and high blood pressure, and am not sure … [Read more...]

What is the Individual Mandate? Plus: Oral Argument Audio from 4th Circuit Court of Appeals Released

Today, two key cases concerning the constitutionality of the hotly debated federal health care law took place in the U.S. 4th Circuit Court of Appeals.  The two cases: Liberty University v. Geithner, No. 10-2347, and Commonwealth … [Read more...]

The most affordable, healthy foods for adults

Maybe your New Year's resolution for 2011 was to shave off a few pounds, cholesterol points or both -- but one thing is for sure -- gyms across the country never seem quite as populated in February as early January.  Some struggle … [Read more...]

Living to 100 becoming more common, stress reduction is key

The senior citizen population is quickly growing; but did you know that centenarians are expected to reach the 800,000 mark by 2050? Even more shocking – this number was estimated to be only slightly over 50,000 in the year 2000.* … [Read more...]

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