Medicaid Asset Protection

What is Medicaid Asset Protection? Medicaid Asset Protection is the process of protecting assets from having to be completely spent to pay for the devastating expenses of long-term care, while helping to ensure that you (or your … [Read more...]

Aging is Not a Disease

It is natural that health care providers such as doctors, pharmacists and nurses will have the same attitude towards aging as other Americans. Without proper geriatric care training, these people can fall into the same trap of … [Read more...]

Life Estate Law Changing Soon

See update on this article here. In Virginia, a life estate in real estate has always been treated as an exempt asset for the purposes of Medicaid eligibility. Unfortunately, the Virginia General Assembly recently passed … [Read more...]

What is Alzheimer’s Planning?

Persons with Alzheimer’s disease and their families face special legal and financial needs. Controlling the high costs of caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s, and navigating the emotionally and physically demanding … [Read more...]

New LTC Insurance Premium Deductibility Limits

The Internal Revenue Service has announced the 2007 limitations on the deductibility of long-term care insurance premiums from taxes. Premiums for "qualified" (see explanation below) long-term care policies are treated as an … [Read more...]

Average Nursing Home Room Tops $90,000 a Year

The average daily cost of a private room in a nursing home in Northern Virginia is $91,615 a year, or $251 a day, according to the 2006 MetLife Market Survey of Nursing Home and Home Care Costs. The average daily cost of a … [Read more...]

How Will the New Congress Affect Key Elder Law Issues?

The Democratic Party's takeover of both houses of Congress is likely to have financial implications for the elderly and their families, although how profound these changes will be remains to be seen. Of greatest interest to elder … [Read more...]

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