Be Very Afraid: Our Top 10 Scariest Articles of 2023 

Halloween is today, so now is the perfect time to add a bit of fright to your day with this year’s spookiest articles. From a man who swapped blood with his 17-year-old son in hopes of increasing his longevity to a scammer who … [Read more...]

Our 22 Top Articles of 2022

Those who read our newsletter or follow our blog know that we covered a lot of ground this past year. The COVID-19 pandemic public health emergency has been in place for more than two and a half years at this time, and although … [Read more...]

2023 Key Elder Law Numbers

Every year, the Farr Law Firm releases the newest figures for Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security. Below are figures for 2023 that are frequently used in the Elder Law practice, including the figures for spousal … [Read more...]

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