Therapeutic horseback riding beneficial for recovering U.S. servicemen and women

Did you know that “therapeutic horseback riding” may be beneficial for individuals who suffer from disabilities? Saddling-up may seem like an odd choice for therapy, but according to some studies, it is one of the best therapeutic … [Read more...]

Louisiana may wait another year for Medicaid overhaul

The Associated Press has reported that Louisiana may have to wait another year for a Medicaid overhaul. The State Secretary of Health, Bruce Greenstein, believes that the plan to coordinate private insurers within the Medicaid … [Read more...]

Largest Health Insurer Forecasts Growth in Medicare Advantage Plans for Elderly

Today, Reuters reported that United Health Group (UNH.N) expects health insurance plan enrollments to increase over the next year. The Group is the largest health insurer in the U.S and expects the growth to result at least in … [Read more...]

Over 4 Million Children Not Receiving Medicaid or CHIP, Despite Eligibility

Image Courtesy of jscreationzs/ In March, numerous healthcare initiatives were signed into law. In September, a report was published that examined “the average day in 2008,” with regard to American children … [Read more...]

Seniors can reduce frequency of falls by exercising to music, study finds

Image Courtesy of Pixomar / Music-based exercise programs may help Seniors improve balance and reduce frequency of falls, according to a report online that is expected to be published March 28, in Archives … [Read more...]

Physicians and social media: AMA weighs in

Recently, the American Medical Association (AMA) adopted a policy aimed at educating physicians on the use of social media. Many industries use social media to gain attention, but the AMA is taking steps so that the integrity of … [Read more...]

Bride-to-be paralyzed after prank gone wrong: Forced to choose marriage or Medicaid

Although this tragic story does not involve "elder law" per se, it does highlight the strict eligibility rules that Medicaid recipients must adhere to. Moreover, it perhaps calls into question some of the policies that may bring … [Read more...]