Critter Corner: Alzheimer’s Accountability Act Signed Into Law

Dear Ernie and Jannette,

I heard that the Alzheimer’s Accountability Act was signed into law recently as part of a federal funding bill. Does this mean more money for Alzheimer’s research?


Nida Cure-Now

Dear Nida,

Sadly, Jannette has gone to froggie heaven, so it is just me answering your question. – Ernie

Alzheimer’s is the only one of the top 10 causes of death in America that cannot currently be prevented, cured, or even slowed. And if a cure or a way to prevent Alzheimer’s isn’t found, in 2050, up to 16 million Americans will have Alzheimer’s disease, creating an enormous strain on the health care system, families, and the federal budget. Due to this growing crisis, Congress unanimously passed and President Obama signed into law the Alzheimer’s Accountability Act (S. 2192/H.R. 4351), as part of a federal funding bill.

To achieve the progress this disease requires, scientists need the necessary funds to carry out critical research. The new law accomplishes the following:

  • It requires scientists at NIH to submit an annual Alzheimer’s research budget proposal directly to Congress and the President, specifying the resources needed to fully implement the National Alzheimer’s Plan without political and budgetary restrictions.
  • It helps provide a complete view of what they believe is needed each year in order to effectively prevent and treat Alzheimer’s disease by 2025, helping Congress to make more informed funding decisions.
  • The new spending bill also includes a $25 million increase for Alzheimer’s research, which follows a $122 million increase for Alzheimer’s research, education, outreach and caregiver support made earlier this year.

A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease or any other type of dementia is life-changing for both the diagnosed individuals and those close to them.

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