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Dear Commander Bun Bun,

The holidays are upon us. Since you are the pet who is known to be the most tech savvy at the firm, do you have any ideas for devices that I can buy for my technologically-challenged (but learning) grandmother, Alice?

Thanks for your help,


Holly Day-Schopper


Dear Holly,


There are some new devices on the market today that are designed specifically for seniors, from the tech-savvy to the technologically-challenged. These devices have features, such as bigger screens, larger icons, and better customer support packages to make them more appealing and easier to use for seniors.

If you’re considering a smartphone for your grandmother, check out the new GreatCall Touch3 by Samsung. It has a 4-inch touchscreen with a large icon menu list that offers access to the phone, text messaging, camera, pictures, email and Internet, along with contacts and apps. It offers a variety of health and safety features such as: the 5Star app that lets you speak with a certified agent who can identify your location and get you the help you need; Urgent Care, an app to access registered nurses and doctors for advice and diagnoses; and MedCoach, which offers medication reminders.



If you’re considering a tablet, AARP’s new RealPad is an Android tablet specifically designed for seniors that features a big screen and offers large text icons to access email, social networks, weather, news, games, camera and pictures, Google, the Web, apps and more.



If you think your grandmother would like a desktop computer, the Telikin is a touch-screen computer that displays a big button menu on the screen at all times, providing simple access to most functions, such as the Internet, email, games, and more. The Telikin even offers a “tech buddy” feature so you can access your grandma’s computer remotely from your computer to help her when she needs it.

For more great technology gift ideas, please read our recent blog posts, NASA SmartWatch, Implanted Health Devices, and Other New Technology for Seniors, New Technology to Age in Place, New Technology Prevents You From Losing Your Children, and New Technology Prevents Older Loved Ones from Falls.

The staff and pets here at the Farr Law Firm are pleased to see all of the advances in technology available to help improve quality of life, health, and well-being for seniors. We hope your grandmother will enjoy whatever you decide to get her, and we hope you are able to spend quality time with her and your family this holiday season!

As a Certified Elder Law Attorney, Mr. Farr focuses on helping protect seniors and their families by preserving dignity, quality of life, and financial security. Call us anytime at 703-691-1888 in Fairfax, 540-479-1435 in Fredericksburg, or 202-587-2797 in Washington, D.C. to make an appointment for a consultation.

Hoppy Holidays!

Commander Bun Bun


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