Critter Corner: Gidget Chirps In

Dear Gidget:  I just read a story in the latest National Geographic about how certain fats in the blood of a python help its organs to double in size after eating a big meal to facilitate digestion. Apparently, it’s a healthy thing to have all that fat after all! So does this mean that I can now eat all the cheeseburgers I want?

Gidget’s Answer:  Not necessarily! Since parakeets can sometimes become dinner for pythons, I try to stay away, but this story grabbed my attention as well. Apparently, pythons have an extremely high level of fatty acids in their blood that assist with the massive increase of organ size immediately after a meal to help with digestion. What is most unusual to scientists is that despite the high levels of fat in the blood, the pythons are extremely healthy with no signs of heart disease, whereas humans with the same condition face serious cardiovascular problems. More research is being conducted to determine if the specific combination of lipids is providing healthy heart protection, something that could be very useful to you humans.  Read the full article on National Geographic’s website.

On the topic of fat for humans, much of mainstream medicine these days tells you humans that it’s the “types” of fat you eat that really matter. So-called “bad fats” supposedly increase your cholesterol and your risk of certain diseases, while so-called “good fats” have the opposite effect, protecting your heart and supporting overall health.  Click here for an article on “good fat v. bad fat.” On the other hand, there’s actually no real scientific proof that the so-called “bad fats” clog arteries and cause heart disease in you humans. Click here for a detailed article examining this lack of proof.

So, my bird-brain conclusion (not based on scientific research) is that you humans should eat all the cheeseburgers you want, as that helps keep you away from eating poultry.  After all, being a bird, some of my best friends are poultry.

Gidget is our token member of the aviary community and the beloved feathered friend of our Assistant Director of Client Services Grace Everitt. The lovely Gidget is an extremely vocal parakeet in shocking tones of turquoise, black and white. He enjoys watching “Friends” on television and has learned to mimic the sounds of the laugh track. His favorite thing in the world is the small mirror in his cage, where he spends hours looking at and talking to himself (or the other bird he is so confident is there.) Gidget along with Chancellor, Tiger Lilly and Sporty Sport is a regular contributor to our “Critter Corner!”

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Renee Eder is the Director of Public Relations for the Farr Law Firm, and gives the voice to the Critters of Critter Corner. Renee’s poodle, Penny, is an official comfort dog who she and her children bring to visit with seniors who are in the early stages of dementia at a local senior home once a month.

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