FAQ: Storing Important Documents, such as Advance Medical Directives

Proper preparation will keep your important documents safe and ensure that you have peace of mind during hurricanes or in any emergencies or natural disasters.   At The Law Firm of Evan H. Farr, P.C., we offer a service called DocuBank to ensure that that important legal documents will be there when you need them most, such as when you are hospitalized. DocuBank is an electronic storage and access service for healthcare directives. 

Frequently Asked Questions about DocuBank

Q: What can I store using DocuBank?
A: DocuBank stores all of your Advance Medical Directives, including your Living Will, Health Care Power of Attorney, HIPAA Release, Organ Donor Form, Funeral Arrangements, and All Other Advance Directives, so they are available whenever you need them.

Q: What if I was in the hospital while traveling out of the country and someone needed access to my Advance Medical Directives in a hurry?
A: DocuBank transmits advance medical directives to hospitals within moments, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, around the world. 

Q: What if the hospital couldn’t locate my emergency contact information?
A: When a hospital calls into DocuBank, they receive a cover page listing your three Emergency Contacts with phone numbers as well as your primary doctor so that they can be reached in an emergency.

Q: How can hospitals access my documents?
A: Your documents are stored safely in DocuBank’s system and available immediately by using your Member Number and PIN Code located on the DocuBank Emergency Card. Carry your DocuBank Emergency Card in your wallet. Hospitals can access your documents by placing a toll free call to 1-800-DOCUBANK (to have them faxed) or by clicking the Hospital Button, or using the pop up box on the DocuBank home page (to print them immediately).

Q: Most importantly, how can I get started?
A: Docubank is a special service we provide to clients of The Law Firm of Evan H. Farr, P.C. who set up Advance Medical Directives such as those listed in your first question. Once you are set up, the DocuBank Emergency card arrives within 4-6 weeks of enrollment and comes with alert stickers to be placed on your driver’s license. Hope you come by and take advantage of this great service soon!

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