"We have worked with a number of mutual clients who are trying to sort out Medicaid Planning and Asset Protection. I have found that many adult children and their parents do not fully understand the complexities of these issues."
- Kate Caldwell, MAG, CMC, Founder, ElderTree, LLC

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Info for Executors and Trustees

The checklist below is provided to give your executor and/or trustee some assistance in completing the multitude of tasks that need to be accomplished after your death. Many of these important tasks can be done by you. In the lists on the following pages, an * indicates tasks that can be performed by you ahead of time. By taking care of these things now, you can minimize the emotional strain that will be placed on your survivors. Depending upon the complexities of your estate and the legal and financial expertise of your executor and/or trustee, your executor/trustee may or may not need the assistance of a lawyer or accountant in going about the task of administering your estate.